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 EASY FLOWERSA selection of 5 easy to grow annuals. Simply scatter on to bare earth, water, wait and watch them brighten up your garden. This collection pack contains Conrcockle, Cornflower Mix, Gypsophila Elegans, Nasturtium and Corn Poppy. 
TCEFEasy Flowers Collection Pack       5.75
TCEFPCollection Pack and Personalised Packet (see info)        6.75
 MICROGREEN COLLECTIONGreat collection of five of our favourite micro-green varieties individually packed in an attractive gift pack at a discount price. Includes: Red Cabbage, Bulls Blood, Mizuna, Rocket and Tat Soi. 
TCMGMicro-Green Collection Pack       9.95
TCMGPCollection Pack and Personalised Packet (see info)        10.95
 SALAD LEAF COLLECTIONA perfect collection to grow your own salad leaf mix. All varieties are cut & come again; pick the leaves required for fresh, crisp, home-grown salads. They can even be grown in pots or a window box. This collection pack contains Summer Purslane, Lettuce Mixed Leaves, Scarlet Frills, Rocket Esmee and American Land Cress. 
TCSCSalad Leaf Collection Pack       5.75
TCSCPCollection Pack and Personalised Packet (see info)        6.75
 STARTER PACKA selection of five easy to grow vegetables; perfect for children or beginner gardeners. No previous knowledge is needed. Easy to sow, easy to look after and great tasting. This collection pack contains Broad Bean Hangdown Green, Courgette Cocozelle, Lettuce Little Gem, Radish Cherry Bell and Spinach Erbette. 
TCSPStarter Collection Pack       5.75
TCSPPCollection Pack and Personalised Packet (see info)        6.75
 TAMAR FAVOURITESA selection of our favourite vegetable varieties chosen for taste and flavour. Tried & tested year after year on our little Cornish plot. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do! This collection pack contains Beetroot Jannis, Courgette Cocozelle, Lettuce Maravilla De Verano, Rocket Rucola and Squash Green Hokkaido. 
TCTFTamar Favourites Collection Pack       5.75
TCTFPCollection Pack and Personalised Packet (see info)        6.75
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